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Camping Lunches

Camping Lunches

Below, you will find a list of lunches that is so delicious you will probably not even want to go camping but sit in your kitchen cooking up a storm. Here is a list of delicious camping lunches. 


Precook bacon at home, slice some tomatoes and assemble at camp. 

Meat, Cheese, and Veggie Sandwich 

Stack toppings high and it’ll be a deluxe camping lunch. Of course, slice all the veggies at home. Onion, peppers, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, black olives. 

Grilled Cheese 

Heat over your camp stove or campfire. But keep in mind, this isn’t an ideal plan if you’re feeding a crowd and can only make a couple of sandwiches at a time. 

Hot Dogs  

At home, dice up some hot dogs and onion. At camp, heat them together along with some barbeque sauce and serve in hot dog buns as usual. 

Flavored Chicken or Tuna Packets 

These can be bought in a huge variety of flavors and are easy to throw on sandwich rounds with cheese or spread on top of crackers. This is an easy one to pack up for a hike as well. 

Cracker Stackers 

This is just as it sounds – a bunch of tasty stuff stacked on crackers. Peanut butter and jelly, cheese and salami slices, hummus and veggies, turkey, and cheese. 

Sandwich Wraps 

A twist on the sandwich but using a lot of the same ingredients. Rather than mayo or mustard consider using a hummus spread on your tortilla before layering on all the meat and veggies and cheese your heart desires. Roll and eat! 


Chop all the veggies at home and saute any that need it. Precook and cut up meat. Assemble at camp, heating the ingredients through and melting the cheese either over your camp stove or in a cast iron over the fire. 

We hope you enjoyed all these amazing camp-safe recipes. Let us know which one worked best for your camping trip!