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Happy Hens Resort’. Make a reservation for your chickens at Sweet Home Alpaca's 'Chick-Inn'.


Happy hens are healthy hens!

Here at Sweet Home Alpaca, we offer a home away from home for your feathered friends when you’re away. 

For less than £2 per bird per week (minimum fee £30 per group), we offer secure paddocks that keep your chickens collectively while providing them with plenty of space to roam. 

We will ensure that they are fed (with organic feed) or what ever you wish for them to eat and watered, and, for a small fee, we can also provide worming facilities. 

So, while you are away on your travels, book your birds into Sweet Home Alpaca’s “Chick-Inn”; that way, you will know that your chickens are secure and well-cared for until you’re ready to bring them home to roost!