AFJ Alfie (NEW!) - Alpaca for sale

Alfie is a lovely black castrated male alpaca……read more below

AFJ Alfie (NEW!)

Price: £650.00 (excl VAT)

Sire: Beck Brow Jimmy Choos (700)

Dam: Reddingvale Ebony

Type: Stud Male

Breed Type: Huacaya

Colour: Black

Registered With: BNBAS13948

Blood Lineage: UK

Date of Birth: 8th May 2022

Alfie is a lovely black castrated male alpaca. As Alfie wasn’t born on our farm, for the first couple years of his life he missed out on any interaction with humans so lacks the confidence some of our other boys have. With more training Alfie’s confidence would boost massively and improve his shyness. Alfie has completed his lead rope training. He was a little rowdy with his herd mates before being castrated but now he is quite laid back. Alfie will eat from your hand and likes a kiss sometimes. Alfie is UpToDate with all vaccinations and vitamin drenching and is available for collection or delivery. Alfie would be perfect as a pet or do alpaca trekking. Not only do we strive to provide excellent care to our alpacas but to our customers as well. We are happy to offer advice and guidance to our customers when needed. Biosecurity is very important to us.

Here is a link to the website he in on sale on:


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