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About us

We’re Angela and Alex Frayling-James…

Angela and Alex

About us

We grew up together in Carmarthenshire and fell in love as kids. We went our separate ways and didn’t see each other for a decade!

We reconnected and four years later we are married and embarking on this crazy journey together!

One day, we sat talking about what we wanted from life. (There may have been a bit of wine involved). We wanted to escape city life and return to our countryside roots. Alpacas came up in discussion and we giggled. But here we are running an alpaca farm!

Being outdoors and living an eco-friendly friendly lifestyle has always been important to us. Sweet Home Alpaca gives us the chance to do both.

We also need to give a special mention to the other member of our family – Monti – our very mischievous and yappy little Jack Russell-Pug cross! If you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet him. See if you can spot his funny teeth!

We currently have 34 alpacas, 31 chickens and two dogs. 19 of our alpacas are currently pregnant and the crias are due to be born in August / September time. We have welcomed a not so little puppy called Flo to the farm. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog Cross Welsh Collie. And to top things off we are now expecting our first child in March 2022.