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Agistment services

Do you want to own alpacas but do not have the land ?


Agistment services

Do you want to own alpacas but don't have the land or experience?

Maybe you don’t have the land. Or perhaps you want to build your experience and grow in confidence so you give your alpacas the best possible care.

Are you an alpaca owner who wants to go on holiday?

Do you need highly professional alpaca farmers to care for your alpacas?

We’ve got you covered with Sweet Home Alpaca’s agistment service.

Caring for an alpaca is very special and serious responsibility. It can be difficult to switch off and relax if you are worrying about whether your alpacas are being properly looked after.

At Sweet Home Alpaca, it is our job to ensure your pets are given the same high standard of care that they get at home. We believe everyone deserves peace of mind and a stress-free holiday. That goes for you and your alpacas.

We aim to give your alpacas the routines they are used to. All aspects of husbandry care are carried out with the utmost care – prioritising your alpacas’ safety, well-being and routine.

Rest assured that your beloved alpacas will be treated as if they are our own (and sometimes we do have a little trouble saying goodbye when you come to collect your fluffy friends).

Want to stay in touch? We can send you regular updates with photos as often or as little as you wish by whatever means of communication suits you.

We are pleased to offer herd management or agistment. Total management is priced at £6.50 per alpaca per week from April to September, and £8.50 per alpaca per week for the remainder of the year. This comprehensive package includes all necessary supplemental feeding, routine vaccinations, toe trimming, and daily inspections, as well as hands-on inspections at least once a week. Take advantage of our alpaca experience and expert knowledge in caring for, breeding, and maximising the return on your investment. Please email us, admin@sweethomealpaca.com to find out more about our herd management packages.

What we offer

Your alpacas will be kept in separate fields to our own alpacas to adhere to strict biosecurity measures. We offer:

  • Safe, secure fencing
  • Paddock shelters
  • Fresh water supply
  • Daily ‘mucking out’
  • Weight/grass management
  • Cover changing
  • Supervision by experienced staff living on the property
  • Daily Feeding.

Download our Agistment Agreement for further details.

There is no time limit – we’re happy to take care of your alpacas indefinitely if required!