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Stud services

Do you want to grow your herd? Do you need some top genetics to mix with your existing animals?

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We brought home a fine-looking stud, who had the grandest of blood, oh what a cracker! from Sweet Home Alpaca now my breed is just gooder than good!

…Okay… So, poetry isn’t our strong point, but alpaca breeding is.


Do you want to grow your herd? Do you need some top genetics to mix with your existing animals?


Studs should be bred to give your crias the best temperament and conformation, along with a fine and dense fibre.


At Sweet Home Alpaca, we believe in only the best for the animals and our customers.


This is why we have carefully selected the finest quality black huacaya stud males with outstanding genetics and temperaments. We have the largest herd of black huayaca alpacas in Wales. Our breeding alpacas are considered to be the leaders of the alpaca industry.


Our careful selective breeding programme means that our offspring continue to improve in quality, year on year.


We can advise you on how to optimise your own breeding programme, using our exceptional stud males, to help to achieve the best results and improve your own herd. We received such fantastic support when we started out that we want to provide the same level of care and support to other alpaca breeders.

Onsite mating

All female alpacas will stay in a disinfected neutral area in a separate area of the farm, away from other animals and paddocks. This is to ensure that our stringent biosecurity measures are adhered to. Our studs are always kept in designated areas away from the females.

Drive-by or mobile mating

As well as our onsite service, we also offer drive-by or mobile mating.

For mobile mating, we will ask you to nominate a neutral area where we can set up our own pens and disinfecting mats.



We charge 50p per mile for mobile mating.

Our current studs:

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Terms and conditions

All services come with a live 48-hour live cria guarantee. This means that if your cria dies within this term, we will provide another stud service – for this we require a post-mortem certificate signed by a vet to prove that the death was not due to negligence.

The stud fee and live cria cannot be honoured in the event of the death of the female.

All payments must be completed prior to mating.