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Our very first year!

Our very first year!

As life slowly returns to normal in the wake of the pandemic, it seems a good time to share an update on how life is going at Sweet Home Alpaca. In short, it’s been a busy year!

Our friendly hers has grown leaps and bounds over the last 12 months. Not only have we welcomed 19 new alpacas to the farm since November, nine adorable alpaca babies – or ‘cria’ – have arrived in recent weeks, with another two due soon. Little Welshy who was born back in May has already grown massively and is lapping up the attention from our visitors. Welshy was the first cria to be born on our Welsh farm.

And we’ve not just got more alpacas, from birds to bugs the farm is continuously expanding. In May, we rescued 10 battery farmed chickens to save them from slaughter. They’re now settled, happy and laying some delicious eggs. We have even had a few double yolkers.

We also built a bug mansion – ‘Faulty Prawlers’ – which is encouraging all kinds of biodiversity to the site, including butterflies, leaf miners and crickets. And our bird and bat boxes, which we’ve scattered across the farm, mean the sky is full night and day with wildlife buzzing about.

With more animals to look after, we’re having to build out the farm as well. Fencing has gone up to keep the alpacas safe from other animals that can spread disease and a new road has been installed. More importantly, we finally got planning for our alpaca barn, which was built in May, and we’ve had five alpaca shelters built. Though they never go in them, even in the rain – the crazy animals!

While we were waiting for the barn to be built, another farm kindly looked after our herd, so the alpacas could stay inside during the cold winter weather. To cover the costs, we raised £6,000 via Crowdfunder – we wouldn’t have been able to do it without this support, so a massive thank you to anyone that donated. The alpacas had a great time on their holiday, but they’re loving their new home.

Suffice to say, a lot has happened in the last year and the farm is bustling with all kinds of life. We can’t wait for the summer, to share all our hard work with our visitors, and most of all to introduce you to all our new friends!

On 26th of July we will open our eco-friendly campsite.

Yours sincerely,

Angela, Alex, and all the animals at Sweet Home Alpaca